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One Day Seminar on “Aggression in teens and how to handle it”






1. Let you know about where are the gaps in during nurture.
2. Let you know about the causes of negative factors affected on your teens.
3. Let you know about effectiveness of both family systems (nuclear and joint).
4. Let you know about the role of every individual mother, father, siblings, teachers, peers, and friends.
5. Give new ideas of parents to control aggression among their teens.
6. Give the idea of teens to control their aggression by themselves.
7. Let you know about decomposition for measuring aggression.
8. Let you know about the Islamic perspective of nurture with all references.

Outcomes :

a) Take 10 case studies in the audience and give them free counseling and life coaching.
b) Counseling by expert social activist, life coach and psychiatrist.
c) Free follow up sessions.
d) Give 10 tips regarding how to overcome your negative behavior into positive.
e) Distribute “measuring aggression scale” to the audience.