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Information Techonology

Pakistan is a developing country and facing various obstacles especially in the field of educattion which keeps it far behind towards the race of development.Majority of our population are living in poor villages and being from hand to mouth. Their financial sources are not enough to fulfill even their basic needs in daily life.

The 21st century is the era of information technology (IT) through which people are getting closer as the world squeezing into a global village. The developing countries have also realized the need of focusing more on information technology to bring them at par with the first world. The spread of IT is impossible without taking measures to introduce computers studies at grass roots level.We have setup training in our IT center that is been running successfully but now Our present setup needs to be expended because number of students are interested to get enrolled but due to our limited available sources, we are unable to entertain them accordingly. To facilitate more students, we need to expand our set up. We are fully conscious of the needs and requirements of the educational institution and always aspire to add new dimension in the field of learning but following problems are the main hindrances on the way.

The basic problem with IT training in developing countries is the lack of infrastructure and funding.
Lack of advance technology in form of machines and devices.
Lack of professional teachers on proper salary packages.
Teachers are being hired from remote areas.
Building, we are using for this purpose, is on rent.
Increasing expense volume of utility bills and salaries of professional teachers.
Equipment / building Maintenance expenditure.
We have planned to run it with more high skills and latest technologies. Our future plans are:

To prepare students to enter a world full of thrill, challenges and exhilaration by introducing the latest advancements both in hardware and software.
We are also shaping out a work plan to establish IT institutions from city to town level.
Increase the quality of education for the students free or at very low cost.
Purchase and Construction of buildings for IT training centers.
Placement of the trained students in IT industry.
Purchasing the advance technology machines for the advance education.
Career Counselling
Awareness of career options in rural areas (Student and parents)
Organize sessions in schools
Network with people to travel to rural locations and talk
Poverty Eradication through Skill Development
Another Land-Mark of Mankind Welfare Organization (MWO) is a FREE IT Skill center since 2012.
Detail of the project is as under:

SECTOR ——————— Livelihood
Sub-Sector —————— Poverty Eradication through Skill Development
Institution —————— FREE IT Skill Center
Name ———————– Mankind Study Complex
Location ——————- LS 45, Main UP Morr, Sector 11-i, North Karachi
Levels ——————— Multi Short Professional IT-Courses
Current Enrollment ——— 50 students ( Boys:25 / Girls: 25 )
Teaching Staff ————- Male Teachers : 08
Yearly Budget ————– PKR. 500,000
Total of 200 students have been passed out since 2012.
Please DONATE MWO to continue this activity to give access to FREE quality IT Professional Skill Education to resource less communities and to expand its operations in other such areas.