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About Us

With a motto “ Where human come first “ , Mankind Welfare Organization Mankind Welfare Organization ( simply Mankind ) is a Non-Governmental Organization, established in 2008 and Registered with Social Welfare Agency (Registration and Control) Ordinance (1961) XLVI of 1961. Mankind’s aim is achieved with the close collaboration of partner communities and development organizations through a participatory, demand responsive, gender and poverty sensitive integrated development approach in Pakistan. Mankind is striving its best to cope with the miseries of human regardless of race, nation, ethnicity, religion & gender in the basic fields of humanitarian assistance like Health, Education, Disaster Response, Gender Equity & Livelihood development since 2008, initially in Karachi and now in all Pakistan interventions mainly emphasis on coups in domains containing, Human Rights, Institutional Development, Education & Health Care.



Participation of People.

Mankind as a development agent aims at promoting the principles of participatory development at all levels of its programs. Accordingly, working with Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Mankind adheres to the philosophy that no development program and strategy can fully achieve its target without a meaningful and democratic participation of the people. This “Participation of people” can only be achieved through broad based, self-sustaining and development oriented institutions at the community level.


Helping People Help Themselves.

Mankind follows the policy of helping people helps themselves. It believes that sustainable development policies can only be those, which create sustainable organizations that can manage to implement the policies in the manner that their benefits remain even after the external funding is over.
Mankind also believes that the dream of economic growth and stability as well as sustainable development can only be realized through social mobilization and resource management. Therefore, it tries to motivate, mobilize and organize people for improvement of their standards of living and by managing available natural resources in a proper and effective way.


Women Empowerment & Child Rights.

Mankind believes that women and children are the most unprivileged classes of the society. Being physically weaker, they are at greater risk. Therefore, it organizes every activity in such a way that can benefit maximum number of women and children.
Mankind aims at addressing major women health needs, including primary and reproductive health needs (antenatal, natal and postnatal care); vaccination of women of child bearing age against Tetanus and EPI services provision to children. Mankind also believes that income generation is the only way by which women can be dragged out of the clutches of poverty, diseases and exploitation. For this purpose, projects will be undertaken in which women of selected poor communities will be trained in different fields, which will provide them with financial support and will ensure their participation in decision-making.


Social Organizations & Mobilization.

Social Organization is an integral component of Mankind programs. The organization focuses on formation and strengthening of Women Organizations (WOs) through close interaction with Village Organizations (VOs). Mankind visualizes social organization as a mean towards self-reliance of partner communities by accepting responsibilities for their development at local level. The social organization emphasizes on empowerment of local communities, especially women, through enhancing their capacities.


Advocacy and Human Rights

Advocacy has remained one of the most important cross cutting themes at Mankind interventions for women and children development since its inception. However recently, Mankind has formally stepped into advocacy on the empowerment of women and children.


General Welfare.

On general welfare side Mankind worked in the following areas:
Medical Camps
Construction (bricks flooring) of streets.
Digging & installation of Hand pumps to provide clean drinking water.
Arranged seminars regarding awareness of plant protection.
Trees Plantation.
Irrigation Channels.
Provision of Toilet facilities.
Provision of proper drainage system.



Though having broader area of interest, Mankind, looking at the deteriorating conditions of health services, started its work with full dedication and humanitarian spirit in health sector, about one year ago. Therefore, Mankind with the idea of providing health facilities to everyone, irrespective of color, caste and creed – started organizing free medical camps in different urban and rural areas. Accordingly, eight medical camps were organized in one year, in which qualified doctors examined thousands of patients. Deserving patients were also provided with free medicines in the camps. Out of the total patients about 45% were women and 30% were children. Other sectors of intervention are:
Women Empowerment
Child Rights
Democracy and Governance
Gender-Based Violence
Poverty Alleviation
Livelihood Development
Disaster Relief
Reproductive Health Care & Child Care initiatives.
Non-Formal Community Based Education
Vocational Skill Development
Rehabilitation and integration of disabled and drug addict in society
Drug Demand Reduction, Harm Reduction, Treatment and Control Programs.



Mankind has expert staff including young and energetic technical experts and social scientists, which has extensive relevant experience in their respective fields. Where this expertise requires strengthening, Mankind has existing close links with a number of specialists who are presently working for different public and private sector organizations, but are often available to provide advisory and short-term support as volunteers, whenever needed. Mankind has a well established head office in Islamabad while its regional office are established in Karachi &Peshawar and two sub offices in FATA for its staff and day-to-day activities. In addition to this, Mankind is fully equipped with computing facilities and appropriate software.



Mankind development strategy is the guiding force behind its operations. Our team focuses the development activities to the most vulnerable communities with special focus on women’s development. Where poverty is apparent, it tends to be more severe for women. A commitment to gender equity is demonstrated in all our policies, program initiatives and activities. Empowering women by ensuring their participation in the development process is a priority area for Mankind. For Mankind development at the level of the community means an appropriate interweaving of three dimensions:
Improvement in the physical conditions of the people
Strengthening local organizations
Socio-economic empowerment of the community



Mankind is following an acquired financial management and control system. In order to ensure transparency and scientific manipulation it has segregated its accounts under different heads. The organization runs its accounts with books maintained on double entry system. The entire transactions are regulated through cheques with two signatories and monitored periodically with bank reconciliation statements. Further, Mankind regularly conducts its internal audit annually at program level in addition to external audit conducted by donor agencies. The organization is running its well-maintained inventory system for effective assets management.



The procurement policy of the Mankind is transparent and simple at first stage quotations are invited from different service providers. The procurement committee, within 03 working days assesses the quotations and forwards the recommendations to executive body which finalizes the procurement. The procurement committee consists of 02 persons from program management, one from Audit, finance and Executive body respectively.



Mankind has a defined monitoring and evaluation system of screening its procedural mechanisms and developmental projects. The pre-defined reporting formats, trainings, workshops, audio-video visuals, internal staff monitoring visits and other tools are used to keep check and balance on activities.
Besides the internal monitoring system Mankind has established a unique monitoring technique with 360-degree approach. The approach enables all the stakeholders to take part in the monitoring of activities of the organization. The main stakeholder community is involved in such a way that the target group by itself monitors the interventions carried out by the organization. The ownership is developed in the community for the interventions and responsibilities are given to the target group. Mankind believes on coordination and participation of all the stakeholders, if community is leaved behind during the process of development sustainability of the intervention will be compromised which the organization thinks hinders the ultimate goal.

Human rights based approach to development.
Behavioral change communication to identify and target vulnerable practices for sustainable development.
Introduction and promotion of appropriate technologies to crystallize change in largely dormant societies.
Productively engage children as change agents through active learning methods / life skills based education / child to child communication for realization behavioral changes for sustained development.
Develop models of participatory civil and environmental planning, design, management and implementation.